The Swimming Pool

A big swimming pool in the middle of the park, not overlooked, isolated from the rest of the garden.

If you fancy a swim, want to relax, indulge in a good novel or have a refreshing drink. 

The swimming pool is equipped with a solar shower.

With no added chlorine or bromine, the water treatment is based on a process using bio-UV products. No smell, no itching sensation and an incredible pleasant swim! This also reduces the impact on the environment.

The Park

The 9 ac. park offers a great variety of landscapes with its vibrant natural beauty and biodiversity spaces in a powerful environment:

  • A pond
  • An alley of majestic old oak trees
  • A menhir
  • A water source
  • A wood
  • Dry and wet grassland
  • Hundreds of plant species, including citrus fruit and banana trees
  • Birds and frogs

Drinks and Ice Creams

You can pick your choice between a variety of fresh drinks and ice creams.

The Common Spaces

  • The whole estate is accessible. You can pick up red berries and other fruit in summer. 
  • You can relax in the swimming pool and in one of the deckchairs, sipping a cool drink.
  • You do not have to wait for mealtime to sit on the terrace.
  • A room is dedicated to you with sofa, table, crockery, sink, refrigerator where you can leave food and drinks, board games and books.
  • The dojo is open for your workshops and seminars.
  • You can also sit by the pond behind the bamboo hedge or next to the water source.

The Kitchen Garden and the Orchard

Fruit, vegetables, berries and currants are used as ingredients for your meals in the table d’hôte.

The kitchen garden is designed according to the permaculture principles.

The orchard is thriving as a food forest.

  • Swimming pool